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‍Here you’ll find a couple of links to the topic snow cat models without the claim of being complete.  

‍Model Kits

‍Pistenking Everything for a snow cat modeler, from an affordable Dickie upgrade kit up to truly scale replicas of PistenBullys in top quality.

‍AT modellbau Body kits for PB400 and PB600 (sold by Pistenking), Bruder-snow blower conversion kit.





‍Fendt Pistenraupen (Historical manufacturer)

‍Helden der Nacht (daily posts of snow cats on IG and FB, fan shop) 


‍Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau on Facebook
Adrian Humbel's Webpage

‍Modellbau Michael Peter scale models 

‍Pistenraupen-Forum (in German, but there also English threads)

‍PistenBully Modellbau - Facebook group

‍Snow-groomer.com - the largest picture collection of snow cats on the web (by Jürgen Pellengahr)


‍iOS App Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau

‍Android App Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau


‍Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau: Youtube Channel
Kettenkraxler: Videos by Klaus Bergdolt

‍PB600WPolarModell: Videos by Adrian Humbel


‍Rad & Kette (German magazine)
Truckmodell (German magazine)
Faszination Pistenraupen - the new book by Klaus Bergdolt


‍Kleinwalsertal - our home and a top vacation destination

Copyright © 2020 Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau 

Copyright © 2019 Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau 

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